wtorek, 26 listopada 2013

District 4

So, who has already seen Catching Fire? This was my outfit for the movie's premiere.  I'm not brave enough to rock the flashy Capitol style (although I absolutely love it!), so I just choose a military-styled outfit to go well with the mood of the story. The dominant colour, though, is dark blue, because blue means the sea and the sea means District 4... and my favourite Hunger Games character, Finnick ♥ (the old fountain adds to the water theme, too). Everytime his face appeared on the screen, I was sure that I've made the right choice, haha. I'm soooo going to see the movie at least one more time.
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środa, 20 listopada 2013

On the contrary...

...this was one of those days that are more on the feminine side. The coat and the backpack turned out to be super versatile - they looked great with my latest tomboyish outfit as well as they do with this girly one. I had a hard time choosing the shoes for this outfit but in the end I decided to wear my favourite sneakers. As I realized later, it was the last day warm enough to go out in them... Oh well, they'll have to wait till spring comes.
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wtorek, 12 listopada 2013

Tomboy chic

There are those days when I want to feel kinda androgynous (and my new hairstyle makes it so much easier). No wonder that I love wearing men's shirts, preferably flannels - they're so versatile, depending on what you pair them up with! Black leather definitely adds the masculine touch. That's why it appeared both on my coat and boots. The highlight of this post, though, is the new backpack which can easily fit into both girly and tomboyish outfits.
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