środa, 25 grudnia 2013

The Red-Coated Reindeer

I hope you're having great time on your Christmas break! Today's post features some of the pieces from my wardrobe I really, really love: the festive sweater, the uniform-inspired coat and brand new 30-hole combat boots I've been dreaming of for the past three years. As much as this outfit screams "WINTER!", there was no snow and the weather was actually nice (about +5 degrees C I think?). At least my fav shopping centre's X-mas decorations have saved the festive mood.
You can already tell that I adore those vintage sweaters, don't you?
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The Red-Coated Reindeer - MODNAPOLKA.pl

piątek, 20 grudnia 2013

Properly layered

There were those times when the only one-piece type of clothing I could've tolerated were dresses. Last year I started exploring the theme by finding a lovely jumpsuit during Spring sales. But dungarees? Really? Being an early 90's kid, I've seen them literally EVERYWHERE in my childhood and I hated it when Mom used to make me wear them. However, during one of those second hand store trips this summer, I spotted this pair. To be honest, it was love at first sight - just look at those checkered bits and lots of pockets! I didn't have many occasions to wear it because denim dungarees seem so summer-ish, but then I thought they'd be lovely when layered properly with some winter pieces. I was right!
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wtorek, 3 grudnia 2013

Oversize + overknees

You already know that oversized sweaters are one of my staples, so now I'm going to tell you about another one: overknees. For me, they are a must once the temperature outside drops below a certain level. I've got an extensive collection of knee-high and over-the-knee socks waiting to be used every winter, so prepare to see more of them! Today's sweater is, just like the previous one, a second hand store find. In fact, I've found it on the menswear side of the store. The sweater's so cozy and big though that I'm wearing it as a dress most of the time. Isn't the knit on it beautiful?
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Oversize + Overknees - MODNAPOLKA.pl
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