niedziela, 6 kwietnia 2014


I wear shirts daily. Heck, I'm trying to be preppy (with my own twist of course), right? However, I wear them so often that they stopped being smart enough for me. That's why I decided to get my necktie&bowtie collection from the forgotten corner of my room. Today's outfit features a lovely tartan print bowtie that I've bought together with this one - they're much smaller than usual bowties which makes them so cute! The bag is a new addition to my wardrobe. At first I couldn't get used to it because the material it's made of is kinda stiff, but once everyone at my workplace found it classy, I started wearing it more and more often... until it has become a staple part of my daily smart-ish look. I added the spikes to spice it up. I wouldn't be myself if I didn't try to customize my accessories.

 I'm so sorry for the long delay, but some big changes have occured in my life. There are times when I'm busy seven days a week. Why? Now I'm not only a weekend student (meaning I have to attend classes every second weekend), but I also got a job! Not a freelance one like up to this time, but a five-days-a-week, nine-to-five one. That's really big. Plus, my photographer (who happens to be my BFF) has got a job, too. That means we're both super busy. Not that I'm complaining, but meeting for a photoshoot (and obligatory dinner+coffee afterwards) seems really impossible most of the time. Luckily enough, now that days are getting longer and longer, we're able to meet after work and do some evening shoot - like this one. Gosh, it came out sooo dark (in a positive way!).
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shirt, sweater, shorts, blazer - second hand
beanie - Tally Weijl
bowtie - House
snake ring - Parfois
skull ring - H&M

Photos taken by Marta, thank you! <3

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  1. Haha, I miss your posts, but I'm happy you got a job ^_^ Glad you find time for this one too, because it's freakin amazing! Especially the bowtie *_*


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