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Child of Venus

Here we go with yet another Goldfrapp-inspired post title, whee. This time, it refers to colours associated with Venus in the popculture; because you know, today we're going with the most common portrayal of Venus as the Goddess of Love and this means pastel pink, red, white, you know the drill. As much as I'd love (sic!) to spoil you with a long rant about the slightly different meaning of Venus (hello, my esotheric interests!), it's neither the time nor place for such things.
You know, there were those times when I'd be able to do anything to dress like that - the toned-down-Harajuku-meets-classic-schoolgirl style - but I didn't really have the access to clothes that would match that idea, not to mention how conservative my surroundings were back then, haha. That was around middle school. Then, in the high school, I could've finally made my dream come true and start wearing all those plaited skirts, V-necks, cardigans, overknees... My interest in this kind of style kinda dropped for the next few years as I drifted away onto the outfits more on the hipster side. These days, my style is an explosive mix of preppy, hipster-ish and God-knows-what elements, but sometimes I still go back to those schoolgirl outfits (a bit upgraded, of course) with some kind of... nostalgia, I guess...?
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shirt, sweater, skirt - second hand
bracelet - Claire's
rose ring - SIX
heart ring - Accessorize

Photos taken by Marta, thank you! <3

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  1. Oh wow, I would kill for this pink sweater of yours! Fantastic styling, I freakin love it! The shirt underneath is such a brilliant idea!
    It's natural to drift away from what you once loved and start appreciating different styles. I used to love high heels, now the mere sight of them makes my stomach cramp :D


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