niedziela, 15 czerwca 2014

Edge up

The base of today's outfit is a button-down, kinda pin-up-ish sailor-style dress (so many hyphens in this description!). You can't really see it in its full glory here, but it's just your regular, lightweight summer dress that would stay pretty, but a bit boring if not for the rest of this set. You know that I have this obsession of edging up (is that even an expression?) those neat clothes I wear to work, right? Sneakers were a must, because nothing looks better with a dress than sneakers, but you've already seen them. The denim shirt is a real gem here. Although I found it in a second hand store, it's an actual top quality Pepe Jeans item with lovely prints here and there. Adding spikes, studded headphones and my favourite messenger bag was the next step to make this outfit blog-post-worthy. Oh, don't forget those cat eye sunglasses!
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dress, belt - second hand
shirt - Pepe Jeans
sneakers - Converse
spiked ring - cropp
sunglasses - C&A
turquoise ring - SIX

Photos taken by Marta, thank you! ¦

3 komentarze:

  1. bardzo fajna stylizacja, super koszula!

  2. Oh man, this dress is so rad! And can't believe how cool is that bag, so chubby and cute! :D
    Love the sneakers too ^_^ Spicing up clothes for work must be your specialty :P

  3. Gotta love such great finds like your Pepe Jeand shirt! That's why I like shopping at thrift stores so much. Great style, btw., I like how you tone down some seemingly more elegant pieces with some less demanding items like sneakers here.


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