piątek, 4 lipca 2014

Blog's first anniversary!

Exactly one year ago I published my first post here. Has anything changed since that time? Not much, I'm still a little snarky bastard disguised as a proper schoolgirl (sometimes as a schoolboy), haha. My style got more polished, even though I still get most of my clothes from secondhands. From time to time, though, I invest a larger sum of money into something really unique. Like those platform sandals. THEY'RE UGLY, I know. So ugly that I dread the moment my family gets to see them! How am I going to explain that I WANTED those shoes to be all ugly, bulky and 90's? That's a tough question. If you haven't realized it yet, I revisited the place I did my first outfit photoshoot in. I even kept the colour scheme similar to the one from the first post. There's a hat, too, but this one is a piece I just bought recently at H&M. The flowers are just a headband tied around it - a little creativity goes a long way.
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blazer - second hand
dress - Forever 21
owl ring - SIX
watch - Cropp
bracelet - Claire's
earrings worn as collar tips - Tally Weijl
Hat, flower headband - H&M

Photos taken by Marta, thank you! ¦

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  1. Super cool pics
    Nice outfit too
    Great work :)


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