poniedziałek, 21 lipca 2014

M side

You may be wondering what in the earth has happened to that male side of me during the last three posts, in which I've been sporting very feminine outfits. Well, truth to be told, that side of me loves to look smart and since the weather has been terribly hot these days, neatly ironed shirts, cardigans, ties and bowties are at least... uncalled for. If you don't want to melt during your way to and from work, that is. Still, I can't fight the urge to dress up all boy-like from time to time. This is when blazers come in handy. The one I'm showing you here is one of my favourites (right after the Sherlock one from the previous post) - it's absolutely lightweight (even though it doesn't look like this!) and once it gets chilly, I can just button it up for it to serve as a light coat since it's a bit oversized. With a blazer like this, paired with bold jewellery - like this lovely over-the-top lion necklace - I'm ready to smart up any casual outfit, be it even an ordinary loose tee and shorts. Also - you've probably noticed it already since my tan is quite dark, but yes, the white spots on my skin are vitiligo, I absolutely do not intend to photoshop it out from the photos, though.
PS. I've just started publishing my comic online, please take a look at it!
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blazer, shorts - second hand
tee - Kappahl
necklace - Pull & Bear
hat, winged ring - H&M
heart ring - SIX
bag - sinsay
watch - cropp

Photos taken by Marta, thank you! ¦

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  1. White spots, shmite spots, you're still freakin hot as hell! :D Love the blazer and the golden necklace is so interesting!


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