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Life brings us the least expected changes. One day you hit the rock bottom, next - you skyrocket as high as you'd never imagine. You might be wondering what's behind this philosophical introduction, but don't worry, here's the explanation. First of all, I've found a new job. In advertising. ADVERTISING. You get it? It's always been, like, my dream job and, although it's hard to believe, IT'S REALLY HAPPENING. All 7 seasons of Mad Men that I've just watched won't go wasted now, haha.
Very personal corner aside, this post is my first blog collaboration ever! This lovely jumpsuit is a courtesy of Lookbookstore.co - they asked me to do two outfit posts. The key theme here are, of course, jumpsuits. Those which I choose look as if they've been made for me to wear them - they're both sooo retro! The piece I'm showing you today fits perfectly into my hipster-ish schoolgirl image. I mixed it with a blazer... or is it a coat actually?... and a beautiful vintage leather bag. What a gem!

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blazer, bag- second hand
hat - H&M
rings - SIX
watch - cropp

Photos taken by Marta, thank you! ¦

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