niedziela, 13 lipca 2014

Sherlock in a skirt

I'll say something very controversial, but I really hate BBC Sherlock with a passion. Seriously. It's weird, because I'm totally hooked on everything British and I absolutely LOVED the movie version with Robert Downey Jr. I suppose some of you, dear Readers, have closed the tab with my blog now, but those who weren't put off by what I've written above will get the rest of the story. Now it's clear that I haven't come up with this post's title. Ironically, my dear photographer loves BBC Sherlock. Hey, they say that the opposites attract, right? So, during the photoshoot she just stopped for a while, took a deep breath and said...
"You probably won't be delighted by what I'll say, but you totally bring the Sherlock feel with this hat and blazer".
End of story.
PS. Stay tuned for my first collaboration very very soon!
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blazer - United Colors of Benetton
skirt - second hand
shoes - My 1st Wish
bag - sinsay

Photos taken by Marta, thank you! ¦

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  1. Bahahah! I can so relate! :D I don't like this show at all, don't understand why people are going nuts about it. Mostly, I don't understand why people are going nuts about a lot of stupid shows :D
    Love the ensemble though, you look amazing, this blazer is everything!!!


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