poniedziałek, 24 listopada 2014


You know that I'm a total vintage lover, so - to prove this statement - there are so many old-fashioned things in this outfit. The base here is a bright red coat. It has a military feel to it thanks to the uniform cut that I decided to break down with cute elements, like this bear-eared bowler hat (which is just a burgundy version of the hat featured two posts ago), knitted scarf and gothic lolita platform shoes. The outfit hidden under the coat starts from an edgy black shirt with spiked collar. I softened it again - this time with a lace-trimmed skirt and tights with visible seams, which instantly bring the pinup feel. You might have noticed the mockingjay emblem tied to my bag... Yes, despite the vintage theme going on, this is the outfit I decided to see the brand new Hunger Games movie in - a story set in distant future. Oh, the irony!

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