wtorek, 29 grudnia 2015


Yes, I do consider my male side to be a dandy. I mean, come on, all the neat shirts, neckties, blazers, hats... and carefully choosen other accessories. The aura of eccentric elegance is always around. Since it's the holiday/new year party season, I upgrade my extravaganza to a completely new level - I bet this must be the classiest outfit I've ever shown here on the blog.

You may find this look a more mature and "lighter" version of this set, but the truth is, the concept here is completely different and all the similarities didn't occur on purpose. I just casually happen to wear the red + white + black combo very often these days! Plus, I think I just look the best in red.

This happens to be the last post before 2016, so I just wanted to wish you a happy new year. If 2015 didn't turn out well or - in my case - was mostly frigged up, don't worry! It stays in the past, while you have a whole new year starting in a moment. Make it your best one so far!

blazer, shirt - thrifted
bowtie - DIY
pants - Vero Moda
combat boots - Heavy Duty
watch - SIX

Photos taken by Marta, thank you!

poniedziałek, 28 grudnia 2015

#ootd 2015.12.21 - 2015.12.27


A simple festive outfit in which I visited my ex-workmates and brought them some homemade gifts. Call me Santa Charlie.


My Christmas Eve look, a.k.a the foolproof elegant combination of tartan dress + black Peter Pan collar shirt with a nice mohair cardigan on top.


See this sweater here? It's a thrifted find made of pure cashmere that I scored for, like, 1 PLN (roughly 25 cents). Win! It's definitely the softest piece of clothing I ever had. Such a bliss to wear it.


A schoolgirl-like set I wore for a Christmas coffee date with myself (sometimes you just need to), spiced up with a leather skirt.


Sunday shopping! Also, I wore this sweater for the last time this year, as X-mas is over already.

wtorek, 22 grudnia 2015

Super X-mas Man

'Tis the time! Even though I don't really celebrate it, I decided to do a fun, quirky Christmas-themed photoshoot. So here I am, proudly showing my ugly reindeer sweater (that you might remember from my post from two years ago) as if I were some Super X-mas Man coming to yo' town to save yo' Christmas. Believe me or not, that wasn't planned. It just kinda happened.

Just as I told you, my new winter coat works out in masculine outfits as well! Honestly, with this hat, bag, dressy pants and shiny shoes you might've been wondering what kind of elegant top this classy coat can be hiding.

...surprise, it's just a funky sweater with an equally funky bowtie. Actually, if I recall right, I wore the exact same outfit on Christmas Eve last year (this time, however, I'll have to put on something toned down for various reasons. Shame!). One thing I've been lamenting about is how anticlimatic this photoshoot turned out - this year's winter is more like spring with its +10 degrees Celsius and, obviously, no snow. Me and my photographer had a hard time seeking for a place that would have the Christmas lights on during the daylight because really, that was the least we could do to catch the right mood. Oh well, all that's left is to be dreaming of a white Christmas, even though it seems like it won't be super effective in this case!

 shirt, sweater, bag - thrifted
bowtie - House
pants - Monki
coat - Orsay

Photos taken by Marta, thank you so much!

poniedziałek, 21 grudnia 2015

#ootd 2015.12.14 - 2015.12.19


Sometimes I'm just in the mood for a turtleneck + skirt combo. Too bad my shoulders look so broad in such combinations!


A reprise of last week's outfit, since this time I actually got a chance to have a photoshoot of it done.


A cute retro dress I brought from my hometown (which is a thrifted wonderland, really), paired up with my crazy cardigan.


Christmas photoshoot time, yay! My festive sweater got into a classy remake with a neat shirt, a bowtie and a pair of dressy pants as its companions.

niedziela, 20 grudnia 2015

Dresslink Wishlist

Can I haz some interwebz fame as a blogger? Sure I can! Just recently I got contacted by Dresslink.com and asked to prepare a little wishlist to share with you all. Actually it wasn't that easy to find something that would match my style 100%, but I have managed to do it - and here are the results, together with my own illustrations of what kind of outfits would I put together with the items I chose.

First of all, I am all into winter capes of all sorts these days. This one striked me as very elegant, yet easy to accessorize - just imagine adding a flashy pin, a scarf tied into a bow or two rows of golden buttons to it.

Then, there was this black wide-brim hat that I have actually had on my wishlist for a long time. As you know, I never (NEVER) leave home not wearing a hat, so the more of them I own, the better (though my collection is already pretty impressive).


Now, onto the outfits I'd use those items in! I wouldn't be myself if I didn't think of two options: one feminine and one masculine. The first one would be a clash of a the dark and simple forms of the hat and the cape with a floral shirt, socks and a cute bow under the collar, with a leather skirt and Lita-styled boots as heavier accents. The other outfit would, on the other hand, be a play on the classic British style with lots of tartan print, a Union Jack leather bag and creepers.

So, what do you think of this kind of posts? I enjoyed putting together the wishlist, creating the outfits and then drawing them very much, so I'd gladly do more things like this in the future. Now, see you till the next Outfit of the Day recap, which should be up tomorrow!

wtorek, 15 grudnia 2015

Stay Warm

Even though we didn't get actual snow here in my city so far, it's definitely getting colder and colder with each day and I can't stress enough how important it is to stay warm (with style, of course). These days, I am thrift shopping for cute outerwear to complete my still-under-construction new wardrobe that has to fit both into the school uniform and retro category. I had my hands full of sweaters and woolen shorts when I've seen this faux fur coat on the outerwear rack and felt like... HOLY CRAP, THIS IS IT.

 It's soft, warm, and the fur part is very thick. Truth to be told, I was on low budget while shopping for a non-thrifted winter coat last time - I wanted new fur so bad, but for practical reasons got a classic piece that you've seen already instead. It was a good investment; the wish for faux fur was still there, though. So here I am, after buying it for, like, one tenth of the price coats of this kind usually go by (or, if you insist on Zara, more like one twentieth). Yay me!

The dress I am wearing underneath is actually an XXL denim shirt. You'll most likely see more of it during the summer, since its A-shape and lightweightness make it a perfect choice for warm days... Here, however, it serves as a humble background for the coat.

The whole look was coming out very ladylike, so I decided to wear tights with a decorative seam to go well with the theme. (Well, the creepers are certainly NOT ladylike, but shhh, they make my legs look better!).

This colour is so neutral - in a lovely way! It goes so well with bright accessories. Here, I mixed it with some red accents. Originally I wanted black fur, but the possibilities of the one of a tan colour are much more interesting, don't you agree?

coat, dress - thrifted
tights - Gatta
necklace, watch - SIX

Photos taken by Marta, thank you!

poniedziałek, 14 grudnia 2015

#ootd 2015.12.07 - 2015.12.10



A set that you've probably seen on my Instagram a lot already with the addition of lion head-shaped collar tips that you, unfortunately, can't see here.


Something I'm wearing very often these days, or the comfy denim dress. Here I am wearing it with a bowler hat and leg warmers.


One of the cutest outfit's I've ever come up with (including the curly bangs - I am sloooowly learning how to use the curling iron properly!). I'll most likely reprise it next week for a photoshoot.


Last selfie of that week before visiting my family for the weekend. I was wearing my new (meaning, thrifted) floral Asos polo shirt - gawd, I love it, it's so dandy!

piątek, 11 grudnia 2015

November recap

We're almost halfway into December and I just realized there was no November recap yet! So, here it is, together with the Lookbook links. November was a month of wearing the hell out of my porkpie hat and leopard print creepers... which isn't going to change anytime soon, because they're still my favourites!

A very grandma chic outfit featuring a sweater that many people would probably call ugly and embarrassing, but, somehow, I find it just lovely.

A treasured dress and the first appearance of leopard print creepers on the blog.

My expression is so smug here, but really now, how could it NOT be like this if I was wearing leopard print on leopard print in a boyish outfit? Oh, and the leather pants.

New coat time! It's warm, has a retro feel and fits both into my girly and boyish outfits. Here, I made it look like a part of a schoolgirl uniform.

wtorek, 8 grudnia 2015

Pretty Boy

My boy side! Prettier than ever! Hurray! I hope you've missed seeing it after all those feminine looks I've been posting for the past few weeks. In this version, however, I am no less cute than my girly side - that is because I decided to transform myself into an old-fashioned schoolboy in his fall/winter uniform outwerwear and Klara, yet again, managed to capture my idea in the most perfect way possible.

So after the last photoshoot we've done together, Klara told me that she'd like to take pictures of me without a wig next time we meet. I did not just agree to it, but also played some very strong vintage game that my friend loves so much. Of course, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't throw some modern elements to the mix - like the leather pants and the creepers (that you're probably already tired of seeing, hahaha. Sorry... well, not really).

Don't let this cute, modest face fool you - this pretty boy has been actually talking very loud and even cursing during the photoshoot! You see, I've never been a good student, partially due to my awful temper and I don't think that wearing a lovely uniform back then would change that.

You might remember this coat from my previous posts, but you can also notice it never happened to be a favourite of mine as opposed to, for example, my over-the-top leopard fur coat. Why is that? What's not to love? The reason is the lack of pockets! Seriously though, how can you even make a winter coat with no pockets?! Shame on you, New Look! If not for this one downside, I'd probably wear the hell out of this piece as it's warm, fairly high quality and, let's just put it in the simplest words - UTTERLY CUTE. The uniform cut won my heart once I've seen it on the rack so fast that I noticed the lack of pockets after buying it. Go me. (This was four years ago. I am a much more responsible person right now.)

coat - New Look
pants - Vero Moda
bag - thrifted

Photos taken by Klara, thank you!

poniedziałek, 7 grudnia 2015

#ootd 2015.11.30 - 2015.12.06


Wearing the hell out of the suede dress. I can't help it, it's so soft and nice to the touch! I threw my crazy print cardigan on it so that it wouldn't look so plain.


It doesn't get much simpler than this - leather pants, Giyongchy sweatshirt and a polo shirt underneath. Also, the creepers, of course.


It's officially December so I can wear the festive sweater as much as I want, am I? Here, you can see it with a denim vest underneath and a plaid button-up skirt.


Crazy cardigan again. It just brightens up every outfit.


So I decided to wear my flamboyant ruffle shirt in a boyish outfit. Looked surprisingly good.


Let me introduce you my newest thrifted treasure - the ash blond faux fur coat! It matched this retro look perfectly.

wtorek, 1 grudnia 2015

Black and Gold

WINNER's Mino, when asked for his favourite colours, answered with black and gold, stating that they look like for a rich person. That's kinda funny, as I've bought this over-the-top, metallic golden shirt literally for pennies in a thrifted store. The same goes for this black coat, which turned out to be 60% wool and 20% cashmere (!). Let's just say that, in Mino's eyes, I'd look like a rich person. He wouldn't need to know it's almost all thrifted. Now, after this trivia-ish introduction, I can move onto the main topic. 

You might recognize the statue above - yes, it's the same place my legendary photoshoot before seeing Catching Fire was taken (legendary because, if you didn't know, a photo from it keeps circulating tomboy-related Tumblrs with hashtags such as #why i love humans, #what a dream, #so hot and so on). Why did I go back to that place? Well, because on that day, right after the photoshoot, I went to see Mockingjay part II! Since I don't wanna spoil the movie here (and believe me, I do have some unpopular opinions on this last part of the series), I'll just go on with describing my outfit, haha.

The shirt wasn't exactly the amount of gold I needed that Saturday, so I put those spikey collar tips on my coat. Oh, one more thing - please don't mind the little drops on the coat, it's just Mother Nature messing with my blogger work as usual.

Of course, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't add something that SCREAMS schoolgirl chic. The sailor fuku bag was just the right element to do so.

Brand new overknee-like tights and creepers served as the perfect edgy accent for the whole look. 

shirt, coat, belt - thrifted
collar tips - Centro
tights - Gatta

Photos taken by Marta, thank you very much!

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