niedziela, 12 kwietnia 2015

End of Season

We've just entered the period of warm weather, so let's end the winter season with a post featuring a fur coat (that was shoot around the beginning of March, haha). As you can see, there have been some major changes to my hairstyle... Yep, I cut my hair short again mid-February and have been maintaining it since then. Unfortunately, it caused lots of "but you don't look feminine anymore!111" type of comments. EXCUSE ME? What does HAIR have to do with femininity? Sure, I do have those two kind-of identities, male and female, clashing inside of my mind all the time. Sure, short hair really does make the boy part of me stand out a bit more. But to be absolutely honest, I consider pixie cuts with long bangs very cute and girly when styled properly. This is exactly what I'm showing to you in this post. The base of this outfit looks a bit like a girl scout uniform with that greyish-green shirt, black skirt and laced up boots, but throwing stylish pieces on it, like the faux fur coat, bowler hat and heart-shaped sunglasses (what a gem!) made it a whole lot more feminine and quirky. Also, have you noticed the decorative seam pattern on the back of my tights? I love such accents on my legwear.
Also, just so you know: the primary reason I cut my hair for was the fact that I started wearing wigs. Check out my instagram for the photos or, if you're patient enough, just wait till the next post!

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shirt, bag - thrifted
boots - F&F
tights - Gatta
coat - H&M
sunglasses - sinsay

Photos taken by Marta, thank you!

3 komentarze:

  1. Ah yeah, the feminine comments, I got those when I cut my hair but dismissed them all fairly easy, because I love short hair as much as Hugh Jackman. I love women with short hair, if I see a girl with a pixie cut I immediately assume she's awesome and I want to be friends with her :D
    I love how you look with your cut, people can go hide in the shadows!
    Also, adore this coat! ^_^

  2. Emanuje z Ciebie taka pozytywna nonszalancja - w sumie nonszalancja sama w sobie nie jest słowem z pozytywnymi konotacjami, ale ja ją lubię. I rozróżniam te jej odmiany, które niosą w sobie dużo pozytywności ;)
    To sztuka połączyć ciężkie futro z kapeluszem (to nie jest melonik, prawda? nie o rondo mi idzie tylko o wierzch ;P) i ze słodkimi okularami i wyglądać w tym dobrze!

    1. Dzięki, dzięki, dzięki! Nonszalancja jest sexy. :D
      Jest to dokładnie ten sam kapelusz, co w najnowszym poście. Ja nazywam go melonikiem P:


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