piątek, 31 lipca 2015

Alt route

Seems like you'll have to wait a few more posts before I bring some INSANELY exciting news about my artistic work. Considering how often I post here, this might take a bit longer than it sounds. Le sigh! If you're craving for some sneak peek really bad, you can check out my fanpage. No, this is not shameless advertising - this is a legit hint. Quite an obvious one, to be honest.
Let's get back to the topic. These days, I'm taking a more alt(ernative) route when it comes to my clothes. Not that I'm already sorta-kinda alternative, though; however, with the abundance of leather and studs I am experiencing right now, I'm going more and more towards that direction. I'd love to make a post just about that comfy huge flannel shirt, but the edgy choker and spiked jacket have stolen its spotlight. Honestly, I can't decide which garment makes the biggest statement here. Oh! It's worth mentioning that this time, the photos were taken by the super talented Kamila. Thank you so much!

jacket, shirt, belt - thrifted

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