wtorek, 1 września 2015

August recap!

Hi guys! September is already here. As we wait for my obligatory back to school-themed outfit, I'd like to do a short recap of all the looks I posted last month - and since there was one per week, which is an UNBELIEVABLE frequency for me, there's quite a bit to show. Let's start!

The month started with this cute-but-classy lightweight outfit, perfect when the summer heat wave hits but you feel the need to keep it dressy anyway. Seems like I've done it right, because as I was waiting for my photographer to finish her cig, some lady came up and told me I look pretty (and I sensed no irony in her voice!).

Next up: this masculine retro set, featuring one of the very few T-shirts I own and killer pants. Quite literally, because the day turned out hotter than I expected, so it certainly wasn't easy to go around in full-length pants, haha.

Cuteness and sass combined! This time, I styled the cotton candy-coloured wig into this pretty edgy set, which instantly brings the k-pop fashion feel. Also, I finally emulated the confidence to wear decorative socks. Aren't they cute?

Last, but certainly not least - something that looks like a more androgynous version of the previous outfit. Dressy pants and bag clashed with a sweatshirt that might look sweet at first sight, but goes pretty rude as you read what's written on it! That's so my style. Me and this sweatshirt are truly a perfect match.

That's it for August! See you in the next outfit post!

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