wtorek, 4 sierpnia 2015


It was hot. It was so terribly hot outside. Something above 30°C I think. However, according to my personal rules, this is not an excuse to wear either baggy or very revealing clothes! For me, this kind of weather calls for a compromise between feeling comfortable in such heat and looking classy. Guess what? I found it. I'm not really allowed to expose the upper half of my body due to vitiligo, so, as you could expect, I have a collection of lightweight cotton-made summer tops that don't reveal too much skin. The fancy shirt you see in this post is a perfect example. Of course, the outfit wouldn't be complete without tons of tacky jewellery, haha. Honestly, with all that quirkyness (is that even a word?!), it looks like something straight out of my comic. Wait... Maybe this was my goal with this set from the very start...

shirt - thrifted

Photos taken by Marta. Thank you very much!

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