wtorek, 25 sierpnia 2015

Pastels again

So I got back to the location of this post... and to the pastel hues, because apparently they're not as bland and boring on me when mixed with black. Honestly, I've been planning this outfit for a while. By a while, I mean half a year - and I'm absolutely serious here!

This cute (and very ironic, once you notice what's written on those colourful hearts) sweatshirt is, actually, the last thing I bought from a "normal" store - so nope, it's not a thrifted treasure - and it was... half a year ago. February, to be precise. Can you believe it? 

The only reason I bought it was because 1. it matched my style perfectly 2. it was reasonably cheap. What's not to love?

Now I can send out a subtle signal to the world that I'm an antisocial individual! Yay! (Don't miss the necklace that fits into the sweatshirt's message, haha.)

Anyway, yep, this piece has been waiting patiently in my wardrobe a few months to get introduced to you in a nice, eye-catching outfit (normally, I just use it to brighten up something totally ordinary, like skinny jeans).

By far, this must be one of the most casual outfits I've ever shown on this blog. I mean, there's no shirt, not even a blazer thrown over it. The pants are kinda dressy, though, as well as the light summer brogues and the epic leather bag, but the sweatshirt and the funky hat successfully stripe them all out of their elegance.

sweatshirt - H&M Divided
pants - Monki (thrifted)
shoes - Centro
necklace - Glitter
bag - thrifted
sunglasses , bracelet- sinsay

Photos taken by Marta D. Thank you very much!

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