wtorek, 18 sierpnia 2015

Pastels + leather

 I am just so not into wearing pastel hues. Don't get me wrong - being an artist, I love all colours and as far as the pastels go, I overuse them while colouring my comic, but... still... they just don't seem to go well with my style enough to make a total look out of them. Combining them with (faux) black leather is a completely different story, though!

Honestly, leather makes everything look so much more intriguing, and the darker it is, the better. This is the case with the outfit I'm showing you today. At first I wanted to pair this fabulous cotton candy-coloured wig and light denim shirt with a pink skirt, but then I was like... no... I'm not feeling it at all. I scrapped the idea and went for the edgy black skirt instead.

The details are subtle but they really spice up this outfit - as you go further into this post, take a closer look at the lace on the fullcap, the leather choker under the collar and the cute floral print on my socks.

There's one more thing I have to say: this time, the person responsible for this photoshoot is my good ol' friend from the university years, who shares the name and the birthdate with my usual photographer. Coincidence? I think not! I might be a magnet for zodiacal Virgos with snarky attitude.

 We haven't seen each other for ages, but just a few days ago she told me she just became a proud owner of a very pro camera (trust me, for me, a photography noob, every camera is very pro), so... Why not make a photoshoot?

The said choker, shyly peeking from underneath the collar! I love those subtle touches.

I just had to show off this pretty golden-ish zipper, okay?

Damn! Can you believe this girl has been using that camera for such a short time and yet she can make my face look THIS GOOD?

shirt - thrifted
fullcap - New Yorker

Photos taken by Marta D. Thank you very much!

10 komentarzy:

  1. ale genialne włosy! super stylizacja:)
    miłego dnia!


  2. Absolutely LOVING the pink wig with the light denim+black leather combo. The floral print of the socks is the cherry on top. What a fine outfit!

  3. Jakie piękne włosy! :)
    Ślicznie wyglądasz :)

  4. Te włosy są genialne, osobiście nie mam tyle odwagi żeby sobie strzelić taki kolor. Ale do ciebie pasuję i to bardzo. ;)


    1. Ale... to tylko peruka... :) Piszę o tym w poście.

  5. Świetnie wyglądają te włosy w zestawieniu z resztą. Myślę, ze białe też by pasowały do takiej stylizacji ;) Z ciekawości, ile kosztuje taka peruka?

    Pozdrawiam, Oszczednastudentka.pl

    1. Dzięki! Mam białą, ale krótką. Też ją pewnie wykorzystam zanim własne wybielę.
      Tej długości - ok. 35zł na ebayu, oczywiście mówię o chińskich sprzedawcach.


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