wtorek, 8 września 2015

Little Sailor

One of the bloggers who inspire me the most is - sadly, not active anymore - Shan Shan from tinytoadstool. Her unique way of combining various pieces and colours into vintage, mostly cute uniform-like outfits is something I'm trying to project in my own style, too. This time, following that path, I went for an adorable little sailor look. Should we count it as the back to school outfit, or does it belong more to summer/holiday category?

Both the blazer and the striped shirt have appeared on the blog two years ago. I can't help but wonder why the hell have I never thought of pairing them up together! They compliment each other perfectly.

I haven't been doing this in a while - using earrings as collar tips, I mean. This cute gold anchor pair was quite an obvious choice.

The white socks and black patent oxfords make it all look like a retro boy school uniform, don't they? Last time I showed these shoes here, I ranted on how they hurt my feet. Well, not anymore. I decided to wear them to work every single they until they become comfortable. Now that I've been using them a bit more, the faux leather isn't as stiff anymore, hurray!

blazer, shirt, bag - thirfted
shorts - H&M (thrifted)
shoes - Centro

Photos taken by Marta D. Thank you very much!

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