wtorek, 29 września 2015

Schoolboy Aesthetics

So this time, I transformed into a schoolboy. This is like my everyday drag! I just take the funky school uniform aesthetics and sprinkle it with a bit of k-pop style. Let me tell you - it tastes pretty awesome at any time, any day.

Leather is clashing with preppy/college elements in equal proportions here. The smart casual-ish top part of the outfit would be way to boring for me if I didn't add something edgier to the mix.

These days, I've been wearing the hell out of those pants. Thanks to it, I noticed that matching leather of various colours together actually looks very interesting and not over-the-top at all.

Let's just throw some more k-pop elements here - the patterned snapback and a single earring. By the way, this is the finest bowtie I own - just how would I NOT fall in love with this little precious treasure?

(Yes, the word "BITCHY" is written on the back of my hat.)

sweater, shirt, bag - thirfted
hat - New Yorker
shoes - Centro

Photos taken by Marta. Thank you very much!

4 komentarze:

  1. za chłopięco

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    1. A przeczytałaś sam wpis? :) O to własnie chodziło!
      Też mam tumblra.

  2. Even more radness! I like how you wear boyish as well as girly outfits with such ease, you are like a chameleon! The earring is so damn pretty! *_* Love it!

    1. This is what you call being genderfluid, haha!
      Thank you so much <3


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