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#ootd - 2015.10.12-2015.10.18

Hello guys! As you might know, Instagram is probably the social network that I am the most active on. As a part of my latest style resolution, I am posting my outfits of the day every morning - a fullbody shot and a closeup shot. Due to my immense insta-activity (haha), the photos quickly disappear and go forgotten, so I have decided to compile them every Monday in one blog post. Think of it as of an addition to the "big" outfit posts! That's it for the introduction - let's start with the first episode (?) of this new blog series.


On top of a peter pan collar black shirt, I wore this skater dress with an interesting print - at first sight, it looks like leopard print, but as you look closer, you'll notice that it's actually a pattern made of little kiss stains. How cute!


Classy college look with what seems to be an authentic school uniform tie (it has the college's logo on the very bottom). The tartan print shirt and heavy-textured cardigan bring a feel of coziness.


Something special to mark the middle of the week - a simple white shirt/leather pants combo, topped with extravagant touches: the flashy faux fur and silky bow.


It doesn't get any cozier than this: I wore a huge flannel shirt as a dress. That's it.


There's no such thing as too much tartan print, so I threw a tartan bowtie on a tartan shirt. I wore a simple cardi on top, which resulted in a classy yet very cute schoolboy look.


A subtly gothic lolita-ish outfit: black shirt dress combined with a petticoat, high boots and my precious new sailor fuku bag. Yes, the bag did make some heads turn... As in, heads of 8-10yo girls that don't even know that this bag was inspired by Rei Hino's private school uniform. Haha. Do they even know who the hell Rei Hino is?

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