wtorek, 20 października 2015

So Called Rocker Chick

Whenever I go to thrift shopping, I make sure it's the last (or second last) day of the particular store's weekly schedule so that the clothes are not only super cheap, but also truly of a kind that only I'd want to buy. Since all the basic stuff sells out in the first days of the schedule, only the weirdest pieces are left at that time. More goodness for me, yay! So one day I spotted something very shiny on the outerwear rack. I couldn't believe my eyes. It was a fetish-like black vinyl jacket! I have always wanted a biker jacket but every single one I had seen before was way too basic for me to wear. But a vinyl one? Really?! I had to take it! Once I tried it on, a drawing I made years ago in the antique times when I was going around the Internet under a weeaboo nickname popped in my mind. This is it:

Meet Antoinette, one of my older generation original characters, a guitar-playing vocalist. Pretty and tiny on the outside, very rough and tough inside. I wanted her clothes to reflect her musical interests. My knowledge of subcultures other than Japanese ones was very poor back then, so I had a hard time coming up with a spoiled rich female guitarist's daily uniform. Yeah... this is what I considered to be the so called Rocker Chick Look back then. (still better than what women's fashion magazines describe as the rock look).

Years have passed, but I remembered about that drawing (that somehow was a milestone for my artistic progress) and decided to put together an outfit inspired by it. As I am pursuing my school uniform resolution, I had to add a bit of formal elegance to it.

You might have noticed it already if you're following me on Instagram, but just recently my new porkpie hat has arrived from the distant land of China! This is the closest I can get to classic top hat without selling everything I've got (but one day I'll get a true woollen top hat, I promise)! I've been wearing it, like, every single day since I got it and this outfit is no exception. The wide brim surely brings an elegant schoolgirl charm to the whole look.

Another thing: the neatly tied scarf, standing out proudly under my collar. It adds a whole new dimension to every shirt I wear - look at the picture above and imagine how much less interesting would it be without the bow peeking from under the jacket! I pay great attention to the layering, neckties included. I like my outfits to be somehow multi-dimensional... if this even makes sense. Hard to explain.

shirt, skirt, jacket, scarf - thirfted
shoes - My 1st Wish

Photos taken by Marta D. Thank you very much!

4 komentarze:

  1. This is just brilliant! Love this look to bits. Everything is put together perfectly, I wouldn't take a thing out of this. Smart and cute and edgy.

    1. Thank you so much, dear! I also think this is one of my most "coherent" (as in, well thought) outfits, haha.

  2. Świetny i bardzo stylowy look , uwielbiam taką kratę :)


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