wtorek, 13 października 2015

Starting Point

I've been doing lots of things lately. I am focusing almost 100% on my blog and the career that goes with it - investing in unique pieces that would match my style PER-FECT-LY, doing lots of fashion illustration, finding new outlets to promote, meeting with various photographers (yes, I got a chance to meet the lovely Klara from The Robot That Had a Heart - more on this once we get to the post featuring her photos of me!). So, yeah. Lots of work, It kinda calls for some serious resolutions, doesn't it?

It's related to how I've been analysing my way of dressing and all the trends that I like. So, the resolution is: I have decided to explore the school uniform theme for a longer while and see how much can be done with it! Today's outfit, a very laid-back uniform inspired heavily by K-pop fashion (again), is a perfect starting point for this decision.

This year, I'd been swaying away from this theme numerous times, only to later find out that those outfits, despite still being classy and cute, aren't one hundred percent true to where I'd like my style to go. Then, fall started and honestly, is there any better moment to wear school uniforms than the start of the back to school craze?
(This photoshoot had been done waaay back in September.)

(Don't mind my wig's cranky ends. I'm going to replace it soon, I swear.)

So. Clothes, shoes and hats are there, and I've just ordered some accessories that would compliment my cute vintage uniforms. Let's see how it turns out as the time goes!

shirt, skirt, bag - thirfted
#GIYONGCHY sweatshirt - DIY
hat - sinsay
shoes - My 1st Wish

Photos taken by Marta D. Thank you very much!

4 komentarze:

  1. Oh I am super happy you are going to be more frequent here, I love the bloggy, and duuuude, that bag is the world O_O I love that it's somewhat masculine. The school uniform idea is awesome, really looking forward to seeing what else you'll come up with. Adore the cozy sweatshirt!

    1. The bag has been here for ages! Okay, I've had it since last year's summer, but it's super solid. Gotta love the durability of true vintage items. And the sweatshirt is definitely cozy. So soft and warm.
      As always, thank you for your kind words! <3


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