wtorek, 27 października 2015

Sunday Best

Two weeks ago, on Sunday morning, I took a one hour long trip to Warsaw to meet with the lovely Klara from The Robot That Had A Heart. I haven't been to my country's capital city for six years, so everything was pretty exciting, but - somehow - not as overwhelming as I remembered it to be. Thanks to Klara, I had a chance to see an unexpected, cozy side of Warsaw - she took me to places I'd have never found there by myself, such as a bookstore-like cafe or gorgeous parks right by the Vistula river.

Of course, my newly made friend is the one behind this photoshoot! Since I was absolutely THRILLED to be photographed by a proffessional, I made sure to come up with the cutest outfit I could've thought of, which, in this case, was a slightly lolita-ish uniform. I tried to recreate the feel of anime-like catholic school uniforms - think Strawberry Panic! or something like that. I think I succeeded! I even wore a petticoat to add the volume to my skirt.

The shirt is definitely the centerpiece here. It's very decorative with its bright tartan print, giant ruffle across the chest area, ribbons to tie around the neck and hints of golden thread here and there.

I didn't want the top to steal that much attention, so I threw this matching cardigan over it. Just look at all of its details - the golden buttons, red accents and the coat of arms, embroidered on both pockets.

The long brown wig was an obvious choice - it completed the feminine, modest feel of the outfit. Klara has described it as very romantic and honestly, I think this word suits here perfectly, considering all the frilly details, long hair and warm colour pallette of the photoshoot.

shirt, skirt, cardi, bag - thirfted
shoes - My 1st Wish

Photos taken by Klara. Thank you very much!

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