wtorek, 1 grudnia 2015

Black and Gold

WINNER's Mino, when asked for his favourite colours, answered with black and gold, stating that they look like for a rich person. That's kinda funny, as I've bought this over-the-top, metallic golden shirt literally for pennies in a thrifted store. The same goes for this black coat, which turned out to be 60% wool and 20% cashmere (!). Let's just say that, in Mino's eyes, I'd look like a rich person. He wouldn't need to know it's almost all thrifted. Now, after this trivia-ish introduction, I can move onto the main topic. 

You might recognize the statue above - yes, it's the same place my legendary photoshoot before seeing Catching Fire was taken (legendary because, if you didn't know, a photo from it keeps circulating tomboy-related Tumblrs with hashtags such as #why i love humans, #what a dream, #so hot and so on). Why did I go back to that place? Well, because on that day, right after the photoshoot, I went to see Mockingjay part II! Since I don't wanna spoil the movie here (and believe me, I do have some unpopular opinions on this last part of the series), I'll just go on with describing my outfit, haha.

The shirt wasn't exactly the amount of gold I needed that Saturday, so I put those spikey collar tips on my coat. Oh, one more thing - please don't mind the little drops on the coat, it's just Mother Nature messing with my blogger work as usual.

Of course, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't add something that SCREAMS schoolgirl chic. The sailor fuku bag was just the right element to do so.

Brand new overknee-like tights and creepers served as the perfect edgy accent for the whole look. 

shirt, coat, belt - thrifted
collar tips - Centro
tights - Gatta

Photos taken by Marta, thank you very much!

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