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#ootd - 2015.10.26-2015.10.30


I started the week in a simple boyish outfit. The DIY faux leather bow and a sailor fuku bag softened the whole look a little bit.



I decided to dig the black turtleneck from the very bottom of my wardrobe and wear it underneath an A-line tartan dress, which resulted in a very 70's-like feeling.


Just a reprise of one of my old outfits, updated with another bowtie and creepers.



For the last day at work before my long three-day weekend, I wore something a bit more casual and comfy, but still kept the schoolgirl feel with a shirt and a bowtie.



Actually, this is just a quick outfit I came up with for the first part of the day before I changed into my Halloween party costume (didn't manage to take any photos of it, but be sure I'll draw it!). I think it's pretty obvious just how much I adore this dress.


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