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#ootd - 2015.11.02 - 2015.11.08


My foolproof dress-to-impress set: a dark red tartan dress on a black peter pan-collar shirt. Throw on a cardigan and I'm ready to start the week!


Taming the turtleneck, part two. This time I combined it with a vichy-like print skirt, Union Jack bag and creepers for a very 80's, subtly edgy look.


First (and only) boyish look of the week: the classic leather pants and a striped shirt tied under the neck.


Let me introduce my new dark denim button-down dress (a thrifted treasure) that turned out to be an amazing (and a lot more classy) alternative to the very popular sailor fuku-inspired dress. Together with a hat and a red scarf, it makes a very schoolgirl-like outfit.


Another black turtleneck - a thicker one - in a set very similar to Tuesday's outfit, with a floral skirt this time. I added a cameo brooch for a nice elegant touch.


My bff has made this lovely vintage suede dress wearable for me by shortening it, sooo I wore it for a crazy shopping session yesterday. As you can see, I've kinda fallen in love with this red scarf!

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