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#ootd - 2015.11.23 - 2015.11.28


You seem to love this sweater everytime I wear it and since it's the season for ugly sweaters, you're gonna see it more often, I suppose. This time, I made it the centerpiece of this girly look.


Wearing 3+ thick layers of clothing wasn't the best idea - I've been briefly hospitalized that day, so taking it off for a thorough medical check (EKG, blood tests...) was a pain. Oh well, who would've known, that was so unexpected! At least I've been free from this itchy sweater for a couple hours!


Have some more of your fave sweater! Actually, the collar underneath doesn't belong to a shirt but to a thin denim vest. Great alternative whenever I'm too lazy to iron a proper shirt, haha.


An outfit for a photoshoot you're going to see at the end of December. Very classy, as it'll be the last outfit of this year!

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