wtorek, 24 listopada 2015

The Lead Role

So which piece will be playing the lead role in today's post...? Have you guessed it yet? Yes! It's my new coat! It's warm, surprisingly well-made and so adorably vintage... also, very versatile - it's gonna fit both into my feminine and boyish outfits. Plus, I've always wanted to own a coat with the houndstooth print.

Naturally, for my first time wearing it outside, I had to style it in a way that would match its whole retro feel. I wore a plain black shirt dress underneath but I tied a red bow around its collar to peek graciously from under the coat. Add the coat of arms, the hat, the leather briefcase and bulky shoes and you get a pretty winter-ish schoolgirl chic outfit.

I decided to unbutton the coat for the photoshoot. Somehow it looks much more masculine when buttoned up, probably due to fact that it's double-breasted and I-shaped. This way, it just embraced the slightly flared bottom part of my dress, turning into a lovely A-shape.

coat - Orsay
scarf, dress, bag - thrifted

Photos taken by Valentin, thank you so much!

6 komentarzy:

  1. Like how your look transform into A-shape!Great work <3
    Chack out also my blog gingerdetails.blogspot.com

  2. świetnie wyglądasz:) też ostatnio robiłam zdjęcia na bloga przed Manufakturą!:)

  3. I LOVE your looks! And this blazer is just too damn awesome! :D


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