niedziela, 20 grudnia 2015

Dresslink Wishlist

Can I haz some interwebz fame as a blogger? Sure I can! Just recently I got contacted by and asked to prepare a little wishlist to share with you all. Actually it wasn't that easy to find something that would match my style 100%, but I have managed to do it - and here are the results, together with my own illustrations of what kind of outfits would I put together with the items I chose.

First of all, I am all into winter capes of all sorts these days. This one striked me as very elegant, yet easy to accessorize - just imagine adding a flashy pin, a scarf tied into a bow or two rows of golden buttons to it.

Then, there was this black wide-brim hat that I have actually had on my wishlist for a long time. As you know, I never (NEVER) leave home not wearing a hat, so the more of them I own, the better (though my collection is already pretty impressive).


Now, onto the outfits I'd use those items in! I wouldn't be myself if I didn't think of two options: one feminine and one masculine. The first one would be a clash of a the dark and simple forms of the hat and the cape with a floral shirt, socks and a cute bow under the collar, with a leather skirt and Lita-styled boots as heavier accents. The other outfit would, on the other hand, be a play on the classic British style with lots of tartan print, a Union Jack leather bag and creepers.

So, what do you think of this kind of posts? I enjoyed putting together the wishlist, creating the outfits and then drawing them very much, so I'd gladly do more things like this in the future. Now, see you till the next Outfit of the Day recap, which should be up tomorrow!

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