piątek, 11 grudnia 2015

November recap

We're almost halfway into December and I just realized there was no November recap yet! So, here it is, together with the Lookbook links. November was a month of wearing the hell out of my porkpie hat and leopard print creepers... which isn't going to change anytime soon, because they're still my favourites!

A very grandma chic outfit featuring a sweater that many people would probably call ugly and embarrassing, but, somehow, I find it just lovely.

A treasured dress and the first appearance of leopard print creepers on the blog.

My expression is so smug here, but really now, how could it NOT be like this if I was wearing leopard print on leopard print in a boyish outfit? Oh, and the leather pants.

New coat time! It's warm, has a retro feel and fits both into my girly and boyish outfits. Here, I made it look like a part of a schoolgirl uniform.

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