poniedziałek, 14 grudnia 2015

#ootd 2015.12.07 - 2015.12.10



A set that you've probably seen on my Instagram a lot already with the addition of lion head-shaped collar tips that you, unfortunately, can't see here.


Something I'm wearing very often these days, or the comfy denim dress. Here I am wearing it with a bowler hat and leg warmers.


One of the cutest outfit's I've ever come up with (including the curly bangs - I am sloooowly learning how to use the curling iron properly!). I'll most likely reprise it next week for a photoshoot.


Last selfie of that week before visiting my family for the weekend. I was wearing my new (meaning, thrifted) floral Asos polo shirt - gawd, I love it, it's so dandy!

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