wtorek, 8 grudnia 2015

Pretty Boy

My boy side! Prettier than ever! Hurray! I hope you've missed seeing it after all those feminine looks I've been posting for the past few weeks. In this version, however, I am no less cute than my girly side - that is because I decided to transform myself into an old-fashioned schoolboy in his fall/winter uniform outwerwear and Klara, yet again, managed to capture my idea in the most perfect way possible.

So after the last photoshoot we've done together, Klara told me that she'd like to take pictures of me without a wig next time we meet. I did not just agree to it, but also played some very strong vintage game that my friend loves so much. Of course, I wouldn't be myself if I didn't throw some modern elements to the mix - like the leather pants and the creepers (that you're probably already tired of seeing, hahaha. Sorry... well, not really).

Don't let this cute, modest face fool you - this pretty boy has been actually talking very loud and even cursing during the photoshoot! You see, I've never been a good student, partially due to my awful temper and I don't think that wearing a lovely uniform back then would change that.

You might remember this coat from my previous posts, but you can also notice it never happened to be a favourite of mine as opposed to, for example, my over-the-top leopard fur coat. Why is that? What's not to love? The reason is the lack of pockets! Seriously though, how can you even make a winter coat with no pockets?! Shame on you, New Look! If not for this one downside, I'd probably wear the hell out of this piece as it's warm, fairly high quality and, let's just put it in the simplest words - UTTERLY CUTE. The uniform cut won my heart once I've seen it on the rack so fast that I noticed the lack of pockets after buying it. Go me. (This was four years ago. I am a much more responsible person right now.)

coat - New Look
pants - Vero Moda
bag - thrifted

Photos taken by Klara, thank you!

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  2. pięknie Ci w czerwieni:) cudowna stylizacja:)))


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