wtorek, 15 grudnia 2015

Stay Warm

Even though we didn't get actual snow here in my city so far, it's definitely getting colder and colder with each day and I can't stress enough how important it is to stay warm (with style, of course). These days, I am thrift shopping for cute outerwear to complete my still-under-construction new wardrobe that has to fit both into the school uniform and retro category. I had my hands full of sweaters and woolen shorts when I've seen this faux fur coat on the outerwear rack and felt like... HOLY CRAP, THIS IS IT.

 It's soft, warm, and the fur part is very thick. Truth to be told, I was on low budget while shopping for a non-thrifted winter coat last time - I wanted new fur so bad, but for practical reasons got a classic piece that you've seen already instead. It was a good investment; the wish for faux fur was still there, though. So here I am, after buying it for, like, one tenth of the price coats of this kind usually go by (or, if you insist on Zara, more like one twentieth). Yay me!

The dress I am wearing underneath is actually an XXL denim shirt. You'll most likely see more of it during the summer, since its A-shape and lightweightness make it a perfect choice for warm days... Here, however, it serves as a humble background for the coat.

The whole look was coming out very ladylike, so I decided to wear tights with a decorative seam to go well with the theme. (Well, the creepers are certainly NOT ladylike, but shhh, they make my legs look better!).

This colour is so neutral - in a lovely way! It goes so well with bright accessories. Here, I mixed it with some red accents. Originally I wanted black fur, but the possibilities of the one of a tan colour are much more interesting, don't you agree?

coat, dress - thrifted
tights - Gatta
necklace, watch - SIX

Photos taken by Marta, thank you!

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  1. Bardzo miło się na Ciebie patrzy!
    Świetnie dobrane dodatki!

    Zapraszam do siebie :)


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