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Art recap - 2016.01.04 - 2016.01.10

Hello there, I bet you didn't expect this...! As I mentioned on my Instagram, I've been to my hometown for more than one week and my apartment there has no selfie-suitable mirror and... well... it's not like I'd have anything interesting to show outfit-wise, since it was supposed to be a cozy mostly-stay-at-home lovey-dovey type of trip with my significant other. I did, however, draw a lot and took lots of WIP (work in progress) pics - so I'm just gonna do a WIP recap this Monday instead of the usual Outfit of the Day one. If you would like me to turn this art recap into a weekly thing, just let me know!

All of the artwork and comic pages are from my original comic project #DCDNC which you can read on Smackjeeves.


Two of characters that will appear much later on; one of them is a drag queen (blue-haired beauty) and the other is his twin sister.


Chapter 8, page 10 - drawn over a cup of flat white in pretty much the only proper chain coffee store in my hometown, haha.


Ritsuko and Kira, or the main characters of the whole story (well, Kira's more of the main character, to be honest).


Erika, who is a fierce pop icon in the #DCDNC-verse.

Ritsuko and Kira again.


Back in Łódź, still drawing - chapter 8, page 11. Drinking caffe latte.


Chapter 8, page 12, caffe latte again.


Finishing Saturday's page while sipping cappuccino.

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