wtorek, 12 stycznia 2016

Matryoshka, Winter Version

WE GOT SNOW! Like... okay, I wasn't all merry about it at first. The weather forecast said nothing about the snowfall so when it happened a day before I left my hometown to travel back to Łódź, I was totally unprepared. Thick leg warmer-like socks + creepers combo had to do in that situation. Not the perfect solution, but I had no other choice. However, once I got back, I came up with this cute winter outfit idea and actually brightened up a little.

Sure, initially I wanted to wear my mighty Litas, just like in my previous matryoshka-inspired outfit. Can you imagine wearing them when the ground is super slippery, though? Yeah, I couldn't either, so I opted for those comfortable laced up booties instead. 

In September I claimed I would be replacing this wig soon. I decided to give it a last chance, though - combed it thoroughly, applied lost of hairspray, straightened, combed again... and it worked miracles on the cranky ends I was complaining about! Now the wig is super soft and as natural-looking as it gets again.

I'm still amazed by the versatility of this coat. One moment, it looks like a part of a boy uniform. Now, it turned into a dress-like, elegant piece that incorporates easily into the Russian doll aesthetic. If only it had pockets...! On the other hand, maybe it's better without them - this way, it's the somehow luxurious garment reserved for special occassions.

coat - New Look
gloves - sinsay
overknees - Gatta
boots - F&F

Photos taken by Marta, thank you so much!

5 komentarzy:

  1. bardzo ladny ten plaszczyk :)
    ja wlasnie dodalam post w ktorym tez króluje plaszcz.


  2. pięknie wyglądasz :) czerwony ekstra pasuję ciemnowłosym dziewczynom :)

  3. Piękna stylizacja i cudowny kolor płaszczyka :)


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