wtorek, 5 stycznia 2016


Whimsical is perhaps the best word to describe this whole photoshoot. Starting from the surprisingly bad (dark, wet and cold) weather, through my quirky look, finishing at the librarian-style glasses - all of this could be defined by the aforementioned word. Let's ignore the first point - honestly, the fact it was so dark we could barely take good shots speaks for itself - and break down the outfit by its key pieces.

This grandpa sweater has been in my wardrobe for more than two years already. Even though it can be considered a typical ugly sweater, you seem to adore it everytime I wear it - and let me tell you, I do it a lot! It appeared once here on the blog, but I show it very often in my OOTD shots. Here I paired it with a denim vest underneath and a bright red woolen skirt. Judging by the colour scheme, the sweater and the skirt look like a match made in heaven!

Next, there's that pair of cat eye glasses. Actually, those have no prescription - so why am I wearing them? Just recently I got my eyes checked thoroughly and it turned out that my prescription glasses are doing literally NOTHING to correct my eyesight; it worsened through the past few years and my current prescription glasses are way too weak. Luckily, it isn't really that bad and I can see without them pretty good (astigmatism is the real problem here). So while I'm deciding whether should I save money for new glasses or switch to contact lenses, I'm experimenting with various frames. Plus, don't you think this librarian-style pair matches my curled up bangs?

sweater, denim vest, skirt - thrifted
collar tips - sinsay
coat - Orsay

Photos taken by Marta, thank you very much!

6 komentarzy:

  1. fajny plecak


  2. Great outfit, I love your coat :)

  3. Bardzo łądnie Ci w takim zestawieniu!
    Idealny kolor do Twojej karnacji!

    Zapraszam do siebie!

  4. jejku jesteś niesamowita! Uwielbiam wszystko <3


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