wtorek, 16 lutego 2016


14.02 - and you don't have to add anything else, since everybody knows what this date means. This year, for the Valentine's Day-themed photoshoot, I decided to go for a boy outfit, just casually crossdressin' & waitin' for yo' chocolates and flowers. You might not know this, but in Asian countries, February 14 is actually the day when the boys exclusively get gifts from girls (girls get their gifts one month later, on March 14 - White Day). Going out in this androgynous attire might've increase my chance for getting free sweets, y'know. Also, yes, I do know it doesn't really fit into the school uniform category, but let's be honest, this schoolboy has the right to wear something more alternative after a whole week of sporting neatly ironed shirts! Especially on Valentine's Day.

Cheesy jokes aside, you must've noticed something about my hair... YEP. I bleached, like, 75% of my bangs. What was supposed to be a test before bleaching the rest turned out to be just what I want to settle on after the traumatic 5 hour experience and 2+ days of swollen forehead. My initial inspiration for this particular style was drag queen Manila Luzon, but afterwards, my SO pointed out that I look like an offspring of a witch. That's very fine, too. So now I'm a future drag artist taking inspiration from another drag artist, and just so you know, my mother might as well be a witch with her insane physical strength in a petite body and hair that's going grey only on a single strand near her forehead.

Back to the outfit - there are a few key pieces I have to tell you about. I'm still in the process of showing you my non-prescription glasses collection. This pair is something I spotted long time ago on my fashion guru GD and finally got to wear it. What really made the whole look Valentine-ish is, of course, the obnoxious T-shirt. I probably wouldn't buy it if the heart wasn't all glittery. Yes, you can't really see it on the photos, but the whole heart is actually madly red fine glitter! Finally, I gave a nice polished finish to the set with a pair of my brand new white creepers that complemented the tee, making the whole colour scheme more balanced.

faux fur coat, tee, bag, cardigan - thrifted
pants - Vero Moda
belt - H&M

Photos by Marta, thank you so much!

2 komentarze:

  1. Śliczna stylizacja :)
    Zapraszam do mnie :)

  2. cudowne futerko i torba <3 przytuliłabym!


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