wtorek, 15 marca 2016


 I swear, this year is flying so fast! We've just had Valentine's Day not so long ago and poof, White Day is here all of sudden. I mentioned this date in my V-Day post, but just to remind you quickly: in various Asian cultures, February 14th is the day when girls give gifts to guys and then, one month later, on White Day, it's the exact opposite - the girls get all the presents. I think it explains my girly attire with white as the dominant colour. Just think of this as of a female version of this outfit.

It's a shame that this lovely jumpsuit has appeared only once on the blog. Actually, it has a lot of potential outside of the summer, too. I wear it through the whole year because a). it's 100% my style, b). it's made of a non-wrinkly material, c). it's black-and-white, which means I can pair it up with colourful tights (or a pair as flashy as this in-your-face white one).

The last thing I have to mention is this wonderful new wig. I gotta admit, it's my most flattering wig up-to-date and I kinda regret not showing it without the beanie - it really suits my features and makes my face look very, very retro-like. I can't wait to pair it up with my cat-eye glasses to bring out the whole vintage feel it has to offer! 

faux fur coat, bag, cardigan - thrifted
jumpsuit - Lookbook Store
tights - Gatta

Photos taken by Marta - thank your so much!

4 komentarze:

  1. Genialne futro i torebka! Wszystko razem tworzy ciekawą całość :) Pozdrawiam serdecznie i zapraszam do mnie! :)


  2. Świetne i oryginalne połączenie!


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