wtorek, 8 marca 2016

Disneywave Bambicore

If you're wondering what the hell are those two random words put in the title, I'm here to answer you. As you might (or might not) know, my heart has been stolen by the nostalgic genre of vaporwave. Yes, this is the main source of my reawakened fascination with the early 90's that happened to be my childhood years. Led by the memories of watching poorly recorded classic Disney movies on VHS tapes, I bought this cozy sweatshirt with Bambi embroidered in the front. Yes. A friggin' Bambi. In your face.

I'm a bit old, you know, so I like to think that I've just set up a new hot trend for the people in their late 20's: wearing vintage Disney-themed clothing. Let's call it disneywave. The subgenre I'm wearing here would be called bambicore. I totally dig it. Imagine all those peeps sporting their Snow White or Lion King sweatshirts at work, taking snaps of it and then tagging it #snowwhitecore or #simbacore. Wouldn't that be awesome?

I feel like I'm submerging into this raw style more and more. Please bear with me. It may result in less flashiness on this blog, but then, I might be saving it for my later drag career (if that ever occurs, and I passionately hope it does, that is). Once it blooms, I probably will be puking glitter by moonlight, wearing 90's by daylight.

My friend responsible for these photos, who looks as if she time travelled back from the late 80's herself (sharp facial features, dark lipstick, all-black outfits and wit that can easily kill you), continues her mission to photograph me in a way that brings out my boyishness in its purest form. Truth to be told, I am more interested in doing those androgynous looks lately - they seem kinda simple, but they're actually so much more challenging to put together AND look consistent.

Time for the quick focus on the details. The rabbit socks match the Bambi theme so well! Plus, they're probably the only greyish socks I own with any interesting print. I decided to go back to wearing my over-the-top rings, too. The leather strap you see above the watch is actually an old choker that, sadly, got very stretchy during last summer's heat wave. Oh well, it works nicely as a bracelet now!

sweatshirt, shirt, bag - thrifted
leather pants - Vero Moda

Photos by Marta, thank you so much!

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