wtorek, 22 marca 2016

Mr. Simple

 No, not because I naughty naughty (well, that is disputable), but because... Let's be honest: this outfit is very simple, so I named it after the title of a k-pop classic. However, this set, despite consisting of such simple elements as a flannel shirt, skinny pants and a pair of oxfords, manages to seem extraordinary. Let's break it down detail by detail and see why.

First of all: the hat, the bowtie and the watch serve as dark accents that clash with the bright colours of the shirt. Colour-wise, it toned the outfit down. Flashiness-wise, though, it elevated the whole look into a completely new level! Oh, also, I noticed my bleached strand of hair has faded to the yellow-ish tone that kinda matches the colour of the watch, haha (totally not intended, gonna bleach/dye my bangs soon).

 Short intermission: a sassy pose to show off the outfit in its full glory!

...and we're back to the details. Last time you've seen my leopard oxfords, I wore them with an all-black set. Here, though, I decided to wear them with pink socks because really, why not? The Union Jack bag added a touch of the classy British feel.

shirt, pants - thrifted

Photos by Marta, thank you so much!

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