środa, 13 kwietnia 2016

Squirrel Friend, girl version

Ah, mid-spring, the time for denim jackets and sheer 20 den tights... that turn out just a bit too light when you look at them standing in the sunlight... Shhh! I didn't say that. Anyway, this post marks the start of a series that has been on my mind for quite a long time: boy version vs. girl version. 

My genderfluidity is clearly visible here on the blog. In fact, I often put my clothes together in a way that can be easily changed into a girly/boyish outfit, usually depending on the choice of the bottom part + accessories, but sometimes it's just the general feel that is similar - as you have seen in my Valentine's Day and White Day looks, which, at first glance, don't seem to have much in common, but definitely share the same mood. Today, of course, I'm showing you the female version of my latest outfit post. 

The upper patter is basically the same, minus the cardigan. The other half, however, has been switched to a pretty lolita-ish skirt and my new super tall platform sneakers (which gave the whole look a bit of true sass). Also, you can't really see it, but my makeup is slightly different - I made my brows a bit more delicate while my eyeliner, on the contrary, got a bit bolder.

(oh gawd, these goosebumps. Just focus on the fabulous sneakers and remember that it's still a little too cold in the shadow.)

shirt, skirt, bag - thrifted

Photos by Marta, thank you so much!

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