środa, 6 kwietnia 2016

Squirrel Friend

These photos were shoot on a particularly sunny day back in February (by Klara, but it's kinda obvious - her amazing quality and one-of-a-kind atmosphere can be spotted at first glance). Honestly, it feels weird to look at myself from that time, because I feel like I was a completely different person living in some alternative reality back then...Well, to be honest, the location of this shoot itself feels like some alternative reality.

When you think of Warsaw, you certainly don't have any wild beaches on your mind, but... here it is! Even though the little squirrel friends on my shirt (what an adorable print, I swear) would probably prefer to jump into the woods, I don't think they were disappointed in this pretty place chosen by my friend.

As I said, seeing myself from two months ago feels unreal. So much has changed for me since that time, both for better and for worse. With my 25th birthday coming closer, I came to a conclusion that I need to stop just sitting and waiting for things to happen - so I decided to take some radical steps and start a big revolution in a few major areas of my life. So far, the future might not seem as sunny as the picture above, but still, I'm trying to follow this new path smiling just like here.

I've done it all before, but never on such scale and, well, never as a proper adult. There are moments when it gets really tough. Also, it's not like I got a full approval of these choices from the people that are dear to me. However, it's my life from now on - and I hope you'll continue to observe me on my journey!

shirt, cardigan, pants, bag - thrifted
shoes - H&M DIVIDED

Photos by Klara, thank you so much!

2 komentarze:

  1. These photos are so light and filled with air ♥
    Is February in Warsaw really so warm? Here in Moscow this kind of weather establishes in late April only~


    1. Actually, it was just one extraordinarily warm day. The rest of that month (+the whole March) was quite chilly :(


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