środa, 20 kwietnia 2016

Teddy Boy

Truth to be told, I've been exposed to the teddy girl style not so long ago (just google it, just do it). When I first saw the pictures of those gorgeous ladies, I couldn't help but wonder if I weren't unintentionally ripping their outfits off - just look at what I'm wearing in today's post... Naaah, this is fashion, guys, there are no rules. Besides, I'm sure they weren't aiming for a strictly androgynous look but rather wearing masculine clothes in a feminine way. Totally not my cup of tea! I'm the one to go for the total boy or total girl outfit.

So, apart from being probably my most boyish outfit up to date, this is also the first one here that incorporates blue denim pants. I'm not a fan of the classic blue jeans - I think people are making way too much of a fuss about it being some kind of the ultimate universal piece of clothing. Truth to be told, I wear this pair only when all the other pants I own are dirty/being washed/drying after the washing; it's just too casual and too light for my taste. Here, however, I think it just perfectly toned down the bold jacket and lace-adorned shirt.

jacket, shirt - thrifted
pants - Fishbone

Photos by Marta, thank you so much!

5 komentarzy:

  1. Świetna stylizacja!
    Taka wiosenna - jednym słowem idealna :)

  2. też nie lubię typowych niebieskich dżinsów, w ogóle nie lubię dżinsów - ale to już inna bajka.
    świetnie wyglądasz!

    1. Blue jeans are (mostly) for basic b14tches <:

  3. Świetna stylizacja. Marynarka rządzi :)


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