środa, 25 maja 2016

White Shirt Phase, girl version

 I'm doing as I promised: recreating my outfits in a boy/girl format. Today, it's a female version of the grunge-y look from the last outfit post. The pink wig added a bit of Asian street glamour to the mix, so here I am, adjusting my hair in a very chic and fierce way like some K-pop superstar. Since I'm, like, about 15cm taller and 15kg heavier than an average one, I probably shouldn't even have tried recreating this pose. Oh well!

My photographer said this photoshoot brings some Japanese train station realness and I couldn't agree more, even though it was actually shoot in a parking lot of a shopping mall. You gotta admit it's true, though. I feel like the picture above tells the story of a schoolgirl who went out to have some fun right after school on a Friday evening. She just threw a fancy jacket and a snapback on her uniform and now she's texting her bro to hurry the f*ck up and wear a matching outfit.

 Oh, right. The skirt. Seifuku skirts like this one seem to be the hit in all Asian-style online boutiques, Ebay, and so on. I got it ages ago in a thrift store and no, I didn't have to spend those fifteen bucks all those boutiques sell it for. It's a win!

So, that would be all for today. A break from regular blogging sucked, but in the end I really needed it. Don't worry, though - it seems like it's over and I'll be able to show you a new outfit post every week. I've got plenty of girly sets ready this time around, to make up for their general absence in the past few months.

Photos by Marta. Thank you!

czwartek, 19 maja 2016

Outfit recap: 09.05.2016 - 13.05.2016

Hi there, long time no see! Well, I still have no photos to show you, but there is always that little quirky filler I can provide: my drawings. In the past few months, I've been a bit reluctant towards taking mirror selfies (and maybe - but just maybe - one day, I'll dedicate a post to my reasons), so I started capturing my outfits with quick illustrations in my small sketchbook. I usually do it whenever I manage to dress up for a whole week straight, which isn't always the case (oh, how do I love being a freelancer!). So, this is my second illustrated Outfit of the Day recap this year and I truly do hope there will be more, because I like it so much more than just showing plain selfies.

The illustrations are in the following order:

  • Tuesday: an effortlessly smart outfit for a day trip + quite an elegant dinner (which I somehow finished with a totally non-elegant dessert at McDonald's).
  • Wednesday: I used the shirt and the cardigan from the day before in a completely different, much more casual set.
  • Thursday: I still didn't put this wig in the drawer after Monday, why not just wear it then? I combined it with an XXL flannel and my new straw porkpie hat.
  • Friday: a side shot to show off the hat's actual shape. Believe me, it's lovely. So is this outfit, which suddenly got so alternative with platform sneakers and long white socks.

środa, 4 maja 2016

White Shirt Phase

 I went a bit into grunge this time, but only a bit - my preppy spirit has won as usual. There is marble-ish denim, leather and creepers, but there's also a porkpie hat, a neat messenger bag and a white shirt. Speaking of which, I am definitely going through the white shirt phase. Usually, you see me sporting shirts of all different colours, but I have been slowly leaning towards the mentioned classic - first, through my squirrel print shirt, and then, diving into plain white.

I have to admit I came up with this whole outfit quite effortlessly - just grabbed some bulletproof pieces and threw my standard accessories over it - and it felt amazingly comfortable to wear despite looking so polished and... I don't know how to call it, Tumblr-ish? I hope you know what I mean. And that's good, since it makes one or two less things to worry about throughout the day. My life has been a mess lately, so stressing over something so trivial is definitely the last thing I need.

Photos taken by Marta. Thank you!
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