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Outfit recap: 09.05.2016 - 13.05.2016

Hi there, long time no see! Well, I still have no photos to show you, but there is always that little quirky filler I can provide: my drawings. In the past few months, I've been a bit reluctant towards taking mirror selfies (and maybe - but just maybe - one day, I'll dedicate a post to my reasons), so I started capturing my outfits with quick illustrations in my small sketchbook. I usually do it whenever I manage to dress up for a whole week straight, which isn't always the case (oh, how do I love being a freelancer!). So, this is my second illustrated Outfit of the Day recap this year and I truly do hope there will be more, because I like it so much more than just showing plain selfies.

The illustrations are in the following order:

  • Tuesday: an effortlessly smart outfit for a day trip + quite an elegant dinner (which I somehow finished with a totally non-elegant dessert at McDonald's).
  • Wednesday: I used the shirt and the cardigan from the day before in a completely different, much more casual set.
  • Thursday: I still didn't put this wig in the drawer after Monday, why not just wear it then? I combined it with an XXL flannel and my new straw porkpie hat.
  • Friday: a side shot to show off the hat's actual shape. Believe me, it's lovely. So is this outfit, which suddenly got so alternative with platform sneakers and long white socks.

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