środa, 22 czerwca 2016

A Cherry on Top

I just keep on revisiting this location over and over again, each time presenting a girly retro outfit to this old tiny passage. This time, I went there with my other photographer a.k.a The Other Marta (even though, to this Marta, the First Marta is known as The Other Marta. This is way too funny). The photoshoot, however, is a joint effort of both of them, since the thrifted suede dress was shortened for me by Marta the BFF and the photos were done by Marta the University Times Friend. I apologize, it must be a bit confusing by now.

This outfit is delightfully dolly. And retro. And preppy. These new frames are like a cherry on top of this vintage cake (although the scarf is the only cherry-coloured thing here). It looks as if I, for a change, didn't try to deny the fact that my jaw is so damn square-ish, but rather embraced its shape - because these glasses accentuate it even more. But it's okay, really, since I wear this pair all the time and get complimented a lot.

Just a word of notice: I might be a bit less active here during the next few months. Both my new exciting job and equally exciting adventures are calling... and since I can finally enjoy it all without having to stress about anything too much, the blog won't be that much of a priority to me. At least for now.

Photos by Marta. Thank you!

7 komentarzy:

  1. stylizacja wrecz idealnie dopracowana!


  2. Masz ciekawy styl. ;) Torebka ma przepiękny kolor, a cała stylizacja jest przeurocza! Obserwuję :)

  3. aww that place is so beautiful!! no wonder you like it ^ - ^ <3
    I love this outfit to bits! Colours, hat and red ribbon * o * perfection!


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