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Outfit recap: 23.05.2016 - 27.05.2016

Aaaaand here I am with the next illustration of my Outfit of the Day Recap series. I pledged to do these each time I somehow manage to dress up nicely for at least five days a week and I'm keeping my word so far! I am the person who can wear the same shirt three days in a row if I like it enough, so versatility of the outfits is yet another factor deciding on whether I'll do a recap that particular week or not, haha. Without further ado, let me quickly describe what I was wearing.

  • Monday: the usual oversized flannel paired with skinny pants, a faithful pair of Nike's and a snapback to swiftly go through the day. I used pink hair chalk on my bangs for some extra sass.
  • Tuesday: it was scorching hot that day, so I just choose a pair of shorts and a polo shirt with a dandy floral shirt (that I hope to show sometime soon on the blog).
  • Wednesday: a loose denim dress from the last post with a straw porkpie hat and heart-shaped sunglasses. So girly.
  • Thursday: a cozy sweatshirt + skinny jeans combo for a day spent on drawing in a cafe.
  • Friday: I'm getting casual Sailor Uranus vibes here! This is a look you'll see in my next outfit post. Very summer-y and schoolboy-ish.

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