niedziela, 19 czerwca 2016

Outfit recap: 30.05.2016 - 03.06.2016

This is an EXTREMELY belated Outfit of the Day recap that I didn't have a chance to scan earlier, but then - I like the dynamism of this one a lot, so I didn't want it to go wasted either. So here it is, something fun to end this week.

  • Monday: a coral dress with the white socks + white shoes combo that I've been fond of these days. Very light and very feminine, perfect for the warm weather.
  • Tuesday: I cut my hair! No more of this mullet-ish bullcrap on my head. On that day, I wore a vintage basketball top with a leather skirt and platform sneakers. Fabulous!
  • Wednesday: a preppy dress for a day spent at work.
  • Thursday: just a casual outfit with a flannel shirt and a pair of Nike's.
  • Friday: a smart casual combo I wore for a date. The print of this shirt is actually a pattern made of tiny anchors. So cute and boyish.

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