środa, 8 czerwca 2016

Summer Break

If you've ever watched Sailor Moon, you can probably see I was trying to recreate Haruka's signature silhouette here: checkered high-waisted pants and broad shoulder line accentuated with a loosely tucked white shirt. Well, that was the initial plan, but it came out more like a schoolboy who just started his summer break type of look.

I wanted these photos to come out crisp and saturated like the previous photoshoot, but the final result brings more of a lazy hot afternoon mood. The purple-pinkish chalk experiment on my hair fits perfectly into this dreamy aesthetic.

Many of you might be starting the actual summer break right now. I do not, since... well, I am a proper adult (sic!), but let me pretend just for the sake of the usual summertime nostalgia.

Photos by Marta. Thank you!

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