środa, 1 czerwca 2016

The Perfect Summer Outfit

Fun fact: I bought this dress - which is, actually, an extra large denim shirt - last year's fall with wearing it in summer already in mind. That didn't stop me from overusing it during the colder months, though, with colour-blocking tights and a cardigan on top. Still, I couldn't wait to wear it once it gets warm enough, because really, with this straw hat, red bow and sailor uniform-inspired bag, it makes the perfect seifuku-ish summer outfit.

It's Children's Day today, so the whole look is just slightly on the playful, childish side - even though I find myself looking more like a boy in a dress with my already short hair neatly tucked underneath the hat. Fortunately, the hints of pink hair chalk on my bleached bangs give it a bit of girlish charm.

Photos by Marta. Thank you!

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  1. Rewelacja!


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